Lanzarote – 10 things not to miss

Lanzarote is known for its volcanic landscapes and palm beaches and its unique landscape had it declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, including its towns and villages. Here are 10 top experiences in Lanzarote you should explore: Cesar Manrique trail – Lanzarote’s most renowned artist, Cesar Manrique is known to blend nature (volcanic landscape) into his architecture… Continue reading Lanzarote – 10 things not to miss

Madeira – the Hawaii of Europe

Madeira – filled with lush greeneries, quintissential quintas, terraced vineyards, banana plots and sugarcane fields, cascading waterfalls, mountain peaks, and rugged coastal cliffs. It is a hiker’s paradise, a cultural melting pot, a culinary paradise, and an instagrammer’s destination of choice. We visited in the middle of December and the weather was perfect. Eternal spring… Continue reading Madeira – the Hawaii of Europe